Bringing back the web forward

Starting Static Adventures

Welcome to Static Adventures, a new blog about how to use modern technologies to bring the web to its best! I've been messing around with the web for a while now, and I'm fed up with web bloat and overengineering. The web could be a free network of information bringing people closer, but we've used the extra power at our disposal to make people's lives more shitty and complicated. Dear developers, the web isn't about us.

On this blog, I intend to post my experiments and findings. Mostly, it will be about static-site generators, using the web as a decentralized social platform, and incorporating anti-censorship and anti-surveillance measures into our websites. In general, it'll be about politics and tech and tech politics. This blog is dedicated to all people on Earth fighting for social change, from the fighters in the mountains of Kurdistan or Chiapas to the urban revolutionaries attacking the beast from within.

The tech industry needs to die. All industry needs to die. Let's burn everything down, and grow a more humane and fair society from the ashes!