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(en) fr a low-tech tool to keep your builds updated

Do you find it hard to keep updated all your git projects and rebuild everything when updates are available? Well it may be easy for a handful project, but what do you do when there's a dozen of them?

Now, what do you do when there's dozens of them spanned across several servers? The answer is! It allows you to keep your projects updated, and automatically start some tasks when updates are available. In addition, per-host config is supported (based on $HOSTNAME) so you can share the same ~/.git-build/ configuration folder across machines.

What's really special about it, is that it is simple. Its interface is designed to be both meaningful to humans and machine-scriptable so you can integrate it with your favorite tools, yet still edit something manually when the need arises. Everything you need to know about fits in the file.

There's probably plenty of other solutions developed by other people that fit this description, however i could not find any. If you know something, just mail me and i will place a mention in the project's

This blog is now fully deployed by To publish an article, i just commit and push it to the repository, then run on In case something goes wrong, i have ~/.git-build/static-publish.{log,err} to answer my questions.

That's all there is to it. Don't hesitate to criticize/comment!